On sick leave

Hi, all.. Meet my new boyfriend..


Yup. I’m sick, and on my 5th day of sick leave today. Finally feeling better after days of being breathless! I was supposed to be admitted, but being a typical doctor, I refused. Lol.. This gives me a chance to finally catch up on the blog though.. Yey! ūüôā

Anyway, it’s rainy season already. Found this cute scarf in the Men’s Department at SM Department Store. It just shows that great finds can be found anywhere!.. It jazzes up this plain gray tee perfectly no?


That’s it, then. See you guys later… ‚̧


Seeing red

I have this bad habit of going overboard whenever I really LIKE something.

These past months it’s¬†been flats. Specifically, ballet flats from Anthology. I had this epiphany (can you hear the angels singing??!) when I first tried their Tripoli in beige nubuck. Memory foam-lined footbed! It was love at first fit for my sadly flat feet. Since then I have bought several pairs.. ¬†May I say that Anthology is a Philippine-made brand, and I am helping the economy with every pair I buy?… *rationalizing*…

Anyhoo, it seemed like a sign from the heavens that Anthology announced in their Facebook page that Everyday was available in light, bright colors; just when I was lamenting the lack of color in my wardrobe. The Everyday is Anthology’s take on the famous Repetto ballerina flats.

So, without further ado, meet my red Everyday flats…

Red Everyday


Lovely, no? … ¬†Unfortunately, I bought these on-line and I was so disappointed to see that these had no memory foam insoles!.. Whaaa??!… The leather is lovely, and the shoes fit great. But with no memory foam, it’s just like any other pair of ballet flats.. *sigh*… But these look so pretty. I’ll try to find a pair of insoles for them first before I decide to give them up or keep them..

Later… ‚̧