On starting a Korean 10-step skincare routine

Hey, ladies! So I came across this article on the 10-step Korean skincare routine. http://shesintheglow.com/the-10-step-korean-skincare-routine/ .. (Sorry so barbaric. Still learning how to attach link.)

10 STEPS??!! And I thought I was spending too much time primping already! But if this is the secret to the lovely glowy skin of Korean ladies then I’m willing to try it for 2 weeks (at least).

On to my skincare products.. Upon inspection, I realized my quite-considerable stash was still kulang!.. Oh no!!! … It’s a good thing I’m in Manila now for a medical conference so I will cross the street to SM Megamall and visit Etude House… and maybe look for Laniege if I can find it..


O, you look! I went shopping. I love that Étude House has a lot of freebies. Yey! … I won’t be eating for the next few weeks to pay for all this stuff, but that’s ok. It’s for beauty! .. *wink! wink!*…

I will be trying this out for 2 weeks so I’ll be back with an update/s. Later… ❤


One thought on “On starting a Korean 10-step skincare routine

  1. Seems like you really are ready to experiment with new skincare methods! I really like your writing style, by the way! Come and check out my blog too~ hope we can support each other.

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